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Company Profile 21/22

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Hi, I'm Aaron Meyer and I established Meyer Vision back in 2019. 

Meyer Vision is an interior design support business providing multiple services in many aspects of the design process.

I was born and raised in the Adelaide Hills region but found myself making the big move to Brisbane in 2016 to pursue my career in the Interior Design Industry. I now reside and operate Meyer Vision in the northern suburbs of Brisbane with my wife Karina.

Prior to Meyer Vision, I spent 10 years working in the design, joinery and residential construction industries. I worked hard on the tools as an apprentice cabinet maker in Adelaide, from there I worked my way through the industry and soon found myself immersed in the technology and technical aspects of residential projects.


After some years working in various different roles and adventuring around Europe, I was lucky enough to end up in Brisbane where I spent some years working for a high end interior design studio. During this time, I refined my technical construction knowledge and gained the skill set of communicating designs to clients.

It didn't take long until I realised that there was more that I could give to the design industry and that is when I decided to venture out on my own. The vision I have is to be able to support the Interior Designer with all technical and visual aspects of the design process. Combining my experience and in-depth trade knowledge I can help make any Interior Designer's vision work in the practical world, communicate this to the client with 3D visuals and even help send detailed drawings to trades.


For all my projects I always use the most up to date version of PYTHA 3D CAD Software. I have been using PYTHA for almost 10 years now and during this time have developed a close relationship with the team at PYTHA Partners. 

In 2021 I have been fortunate enough to have my wife, Karina, dive into the business to help with many sectors of the company. Overall, she keeps the business operating behind the scenes and helps us as a team bring your design projects to life.


We hope you like the portfolio of work that we have put together on this website and if you would like to engage with us on your next project please contact us!