Concepts by Gavin Hepper



Firstly, we start with getting a proposal organised for you.

We will break down the costs and allow for revisions so you know that you're completely covered from the very start.

Our proposal gives you peace of mind that there won't be any hidden surprises towards the end with costing and/or extra work unless instructed otherwise from yourself. 

We require the following information from you to help us prepare your proposal:

  • Existing photos

  • Existing floor plans

  • A brief description of the project, is it a kitchen, bathroom, multiple rooms or full home interior?


Floor Plans

Once we have firmed up the proposal and move forward with the project, we will need as much of the following from you to continue the process:

  • Floor plan/s with the existing site measurements of walls, window and door sizes, details on skirting, cornice existing

  • Detailed hand sketches showing layout of joinery, furniture with sizing of cabinetry etc.

  • Any elevations of more detailed parts, if applicable

  • Any concept images


Once we have all the information to work with, we commence the process of drawing up the existing space, if that be a single space, multiple spaces or full home.

Concept Floor Plans, Elevations and 3D Line Perspectives

We will begin modelling your design in 3D and provide Concept Floor Plans, Elevations and 3D Line Perspectives.


This is a great way to either communicate the design to your client for the first initial meeting or just to confirm the design yourself before we move into the more involved stage of the 3D renders.

3D Renders/Whitebox Renders/3D Imagery/Walk-through Animations

We then move into the process of creating your 3D Renders, this is the most exciting part!

We can either provide whitebox renders or jump straight into full photo realistic renders with styling items applied. We do prefer to style the images for you as it helps you as the designer visualise your design better, and your client can visualise their new space with a more "inhabitable" feel. 


At this point of the process you have the opportunity to make any final changes to the design which will be prepared for your final 3D images. There are revisions in every part of the process, but this is your final point where you are able to work through any final revisions and make changes to smaller details if required.

Australian Standard Construction Drawings

When the design is confirmed and your client is happy to move into the quotation of the project, this is when we will commence producing the Australian standard construction drawings.

These drawings can include mechanical, joinery & construction details, structural and/or wall lining detail drawings.


We will allow for Revisions here as we know how important it is to handover accurate construction drawings for the quotation stage of this project. We can also take care of the specifications if it is required.

Project Complete!

Congratulations! Your project is now complete.

We will hand over the final set of construction drawings, renders and 3D files (if applicable) when completing the project.


We will always be available throughout the duration of the next part of your design to answer any questions and provide any further information that may be required.

Post design we are always here to help until your client's new home is ready for enjoyment!